We are your technological ally for the fulfillment of the Online Government Strategy (GEL) in our country




Micrositios Is a Colombian engineering company founded in 2001, dedicated to the development of specialized software for the Government Sector in Colombia. We are pioneers in the Development of the Online Government Strategy (GEL), aligned with the parameters established by the TCI Ministry and compliance with the GEL manuals. As products of the Strategy we develop Web Portals, PQRs, Procedures and Services on a large scale, among others, for the Entities of the Government of National and Territorial Order of our country.




We put at the disposal of the Entities of the National and Territorial Order of the country, the best web solutions that allow them to respond to your requirements. More than 14 years of experience have enabled us to develop advanced projects for the main entities of the Colombian State.


In order to add strategic components that facilitate the use of tools for our customers, Micrositios offer a wide range of complementary services and added value.


We offer consulting services, technical assistance and audit, contributing in the solution of problems and looking for the development of the competitiveness and high performance of your organization.


We are its ally for the implementation of the Online Government Strategy, which aims to contribute to the construction of a more efficient, more transparent and participative State, through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).