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SAS Micrositios Online Services Privacy Statement

This privacy statement applies to the Micrositios SAS online services and related offers displayed or linked in this notice (the “Online Services”). Micrositios SAS’s marketing sites and other public websites associated with the Online Services are governed by the privacy statement of Micrositios.net.

Many Online Services are designed for use by organizations. If you use an email address provided by an organization of which you are a partner, such as an employer or school, to access the Online Services, the domain owner associated with the email address may:

(I) Control and manage your online services account.

(II) Access and process your data, including the content of your communications and files. Your use of the Online Services may be subject to the policies of your organization, if any.

If your organization is administering your use of the Services online, please direct your privacy inquiries to the administrator. Micrositios SAS is not responsible for the privacy or security practices of our customers, which may differ from those set forth in this privacy statement. When you use social features of Online Services, other network users can see part of your activity. To learn more about social features and other features, see the online service specific documentation.

The Online Services allow you to purchase, subscribe or use other products and services online from Micrositios SAS or other companies with different privacy practices; Such products and services online will be governed by their respective declarations and privacy regulations.


Client data

Customer Data will be used solely to provide Customer with Online Services, including purposes compatible with the provision of such services. For example, we may use Customer Data to provide a personalized experience, enhance service reliability, combat spam or other malware, or improve the features and functions of Online Services. Micrositios SAS will not use the Customer Data or obtain information from them for any advertising or commercial purposes.

“Customer Data” refers to all data, including all text, sound, video or image files, as well as the software, which are provided to Micrositios SAS by you or your end users, or on behalf of You or your end users, through the use of the Online Service. Customer Data is not Administrator Data, Payment Data, or Support Data.
For more information about the features and functions that allow you to control Customer Data, review the specific documentation for Online Services.


Administrator Details

The Administrator Data is the information provided to Micrositios SAS during the subscription, purchase or administration of the Services online. Administrator Information includes the name, address, telephone number, and email address you provide, as well as information about the aggregate use related to your account and administrative data, such as the controls you select, associated with your account. We use Administrator Data to provide Online Services, conduct transactions, maintain the account, and detect and prevent fraud.

We may use the Administrator Data to contact you to provide information about your subscriptions, billing, and changes to the Online Services, including information about new features, security issues, or other technical issues. We may also contact you about third-party requests for use of the Online Services, as described in the agreement. You may not abandon the subscription of these non-promotional communications.

Depending on your contact preferences, we can also contact you to inform you about prices and special offers of other products and services, or share your contact details with partners of Micrositios SAS. You can manage your contact preferences or update the information in your account profile.

Administrator Data may also include contact information of your colleagues and friends if you agree to provide them to Micrositios SAS for the limited purpose of sending you an invitation to use the Services online; We can communicate with those with communications who may include information about you, such as your name and profile picture.


Support Data

Support Data is the information we collect when contacting or calling SAS Microsystems for assistance. Includes information that you submit in a support request or provides when running an automated troubleshooter. It may also include information regarding hardware, software, and other collected data related to the support incident, such as the following: contact information or authentication, chat session customization, machine status and application information at the moment Fault and during diagnostics, system and registry data on software installations and hardware configurations, and error tracking files. In addition to using the Support Data to resolve your support incident, we use the Support Data to operate, enhance, and customize the products and services we offer.

Support can be provided by phone, email or an online chat session. With your permission, we may use Remote Access (“AR”) to temporarily navigate your machine or, for certain Online Services, you may add professional support as an authorized user for a limited time to view diagnostic data in order to Resolve a support incident. Phone conversations, online chat sessions, or AR sessions with support professionals can be recorded or controlled.

Following a support incident, we can send you a survey about your experience and your suggestions. You must unsubscribe from support surveys separately from other communications provided by Micrositios SAS; To do this, contact the support service or use the e-mail footer. To review and edit your personal data collected through our support services, please contact us using our web form.


Cookies and Similar Technologies

Micrositios SAS may use cookies (small text files stored on the hard disk of a device through a web service) or similar technologies to provide the Services online. For example, cookies and similar technologies, such as visitor counters, can be used to store a user’s preferences and settings, collect web analytics, authenticate users, and detect fraud. In addition to the coookies that Micrositios SAS may establish when you visit the Micrositios SAS sites, other persons or companies that we have contracted to provide certain services on our behalf (such as site analysis) may also establish cookies when you visit sites Microsites SAS. For more information on controlling cookies and similar technologies, see the documentation for your Internet browser. Selections you make regarding your use of cookies may affect your use of the Online Services.


Local Software

Some Online Services may require installation of local software, or may be enhanced by such software (for example, agents or device management applications) on a device. This section of the Microsoft Microsites Online Services Privacy Statement governs the use of the local software provided by Micrositios SAS for use with the Online Services which does not have its own privacy policy.

In its address, the local software may transmit (i) data, which may include Customer Data, from a device or device to or from the Online Services; Or (ii) error logs or reports to SAS Micrositios to troubleshoot. Local software may also collect data on the use and performance of local software or Online Services that can be transmitted to SAS Microsites and analyzed to improve the quality, safety and integrity of the products and services we offer.


Use of Subcontractors

Micrositios SAS may contract subcontractors to provide services on your behalf. Contractors are permitted to obtain data from the Online Services solely to provide the services of SAS Microsites and shall be prohibited from using data for any other purpose.


Disclosure of Data

Micrositios SAS will not disclose Customer data outside Micrositios SAS, or its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, except:

(1) If you request it.
(2) With the permission of an end user.
(3) As described herein or in its agreement (s).
(4) If required by current legislation.

Microsites SAS will not disclose Customer Data to the police unless otherwise required by law. In the event that the state security forces and bodies contact Micrositios SAS in order to request Customer Data, Micrositios SAS will attempt to urge the competent authority to request the data directly from you. If we are required to disclose Customer Data to the appropriate authorities, Micrositios SAS will immediately notify you and provide you with a copy of the request unless prohibited by applicable law.

Upon receipt of any other Customer Data request from third parties (for example, requests from the customer’s end users), Micrositios SAS will notify you promptly unless prohibited by applicable law. If Micrositios SAS is not required by law to disclose the Customer Data, Micrositios SAS will reject the request. If the request is valid and Micrositios SAS may be required to disclose the information requested, Micrositios SAS will try to urge that company or person to request the data directly from you.

Unless indicated by the client, Micrositios SAS will not provide third parties with:

(1) Direct, indirect, partial or unrestricted access to Customer Data.
(2) The encryption keys of the platform that are used to protect Customer Data or the ability to decrypt the keys.
(3) Any type of access to Customer Data if Micrositios SAS is aware that such data is used for purposes other than those indicated in the request. In addition to this, Micrositios SAS can provide your basic contact information to third parties.

We will not disclose the Administrator Data or Support Data outside Micrositios SAS, or its subsidiaries or affiliated companies, except:

(1) If you request it.
(2) With the permission of an end user.
(3) As described herein or in its agreement (s).
(4) If required by current legislation.

Online Services may allow you to purchase, subscribe or use services, software and content from companies other than Microsoft Microsites (“Third-Party Offers”). If you decide to purchase, subscribe, or use a Third-Party Offers, we may provide third parties with your Administrator Data or Payment Data. Subject to your contact preferences, the third party may use your Administrator Data to send you promotional communications. The use of this information and the use by the user of a Third Party Offer shall be governed by the regulations and the privacy statement of said person or company.



Micrositios SAS expresses its commitment to help protect the information security of all users. We have implemented and will continue to apply appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your information against accidental loss, destruction or modification; Unauthorized disclosure or access; Or illegal destruction. For more information about Online Services security, visit the Online Services Center (s) or see the documentation.


Location of Data

Except as described below, Customer Data that Micrositios SAS processes on your behalf may be transferred, stored and processed in the United States or any other country in which Micrositios SAS, or its affiliates or subcontractors, has facilities. You designate Micrositios SAS to perform such transfer of Customer Data to any country, as well as to store and process Customer Data in order to provide the Services online. Some Online Services may offer additional commitments regarding storage data in a given region. For more information, visit us or consult your agreement (s).


Previous Releases

Micrositios SAS may offer an advance, a beta version, or other services and pre-launch functions (“Advances”) for an optional evaluation. Advances may employ privacy or security measures that are minor or different from those normally found in Online Services. We may contact you to obtain your comments on the progress or your interest in continuing to use them after your general launch.


Changes to this Privacy Statement

We will occasionally update our privacy statements to reflect changes to the Online Services as well as our customers’ comments. When changes are made to a declaration, the “last update” date will be modified, at the top of the declaration. If substantial changes are made to the declaration or in the manner in which Micrositios SAS uses the information of the Online Services, we will notify you by giving notice of such changes prior to its implementation or by direct notification. In the event of any conflict between the terms of any agreement between you and Micrositios SAS and this privacy statement, the terms of the agreement (s) will prevail. We encourage you to periodically review the privacy statements of the products and services you use to find out how Micrositios SAS secures the information from the Online Services.

Micrositios SAS will be happy to receive your comments. If you believe that Micrositios SAS is not complying with your privacy or security commitments, please contact us through the service of our contact channels.

For more information email us  contactenos@micrositios.net


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